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The general rule for linking to iRefWeb is

where xxx = some field specifier yyy = query string to find in that field

You can also use this xxx:yyy format directly in the iRefWeb search interface for advanced searching or to test links to iRefWeb.

You can use this format to link to specific records in iRefWeb using the rigid

/ in the rigid is no problem in my browser

+ in the does not seem to be a problem either

Linking to search terms without specifying a field delimiter

We still have direct links for interactions and interactors, and a direct link to view a protein's interaction network:

We also have some special patterns, like GENE_ID, and ALIAS, PUBMED_ID that are synoms of a sort to queries that can also be expressed using the standard pattern, but this has more to do with the input boxes on the search form. In these three case there's no "q=". See table below.

There are lots of other xxx field specifiers. If you are interested, look at the table below.

field description standard pattern special pattern
ALIAS protein alias alias:SOD2 alias=SOD2
DB source database db:bind
ETYPE internal use only
GENE_ID entrez gene id gene_id:6944 gene_id=6944
GENETIC 0=false, 1=true, 2=both genetic:0
HASH internal use only
INT_REC_ID source databse record id int_rec_id:EBI-759874
INT_TAX latin name int_tax:\"Mus musculus\"
INT_TAX_CNT distinct organisms in interaction
INT_TAX_ID standard taxonomy id
INTERACTION_DETECTION_DESC interaction_detection_desc:\"interaction detection method - dihydrofolate reductase reconstruction\"
LPR lpr:[0 TO 20]
MAX_CARD max cardinality of interactors
PREDICTED 0=false, 1=true, 2=both
PUBLIC 0=false, 1=true, 2=both
PUBMED_ID pubmed_id:18467557 pubmed_id=18467557
RIGID rigid:LH6e8bQ+rKDoOoGr+mHan7bGLnk
ROGID rogid:Wgd0xHDx1jc9msL55PpTWFNL7cA4932
TEXT full text field combining everything
TTL_DISTINCT_DBS ttl_distinct_dbs:[2 TO 3]

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