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NoteNotePlease note that this documentation covers an unreleased product and is for internal use only.

The Bioscape Web resources provide the principal end-user interface to Bioscape as described in the "Using the Bioscape Web Application" document. Typically, a user will follow a specific workflow supported by a number of resources described in the application's "site map", found in the bsweb package (specifically in the source file) in the bsweb distribution. The following table summarises the source code organisation:

Pages Logic package/module Database access package/module Templates
home (search), index (advanced search) bsweb.pages bsweb.pages.collections home_template.xhtml, index_template.xhtml
gene disambiguation, gene summary bsweb.genes bsweb.genes.collections gene_disambiguation_template.xhtml
gene and evidence mention summaries bsweb.documents bsweb.documents.viewers text_mentions_template.xhtml
document lists bsweb.documents bsweb.documents.collections text_index_generation_documents_template.xhtml
annotated documents bsweb.documents bsweb.documents.viewers text_index_generation_document_template.xhtml
mention scoring summaries bsweb.documents bsweb.documents.collections text_scored_bioentity_template.xhtml

To summarise, page functionality typically resides in the top-level of a package, database queries providing lists of results reside in collections modules, and the special database/text index combination supporting annotated documents resides in the viewers module in the bsweb.documents package.