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The Biotechnology Centre of Oslo seminars are held every Tuesday at Forskningsparken. More information can be found on the Tuesday Seminar page of the Biotechnology Centre's Web site.

See the directions for information on getting to the seminar.

Previous seminars from 2009 and earlier are listed here for reference.

Archive of talks held in 2009
Date Room Time Speaker Group Title
Jan 6 10 3 PM Khalid Naseem External:Tasken TBA
Jan 13 10 3 PM Open TBA
Jan 20 10 3 PM Weiwen Yang External: Hilsen A novel protein CGI-128 stimulates angiogenesis via degradation of


Jan 27 10 3 PM Lene Alsøe External: Nilsen An immunological fingerprint of an adenocarcinoma of the pancreas
Feb 3 10 3 PM Ian Donaldson Donaldson Working with Cytoscape and the iRefIndex plugin
Feb 10 10 3 PM Eirik Torheim Tasken Development of RI anchoring disruptor (RIAD) peptides for in vivo immunomodulation
Feb 17 10 3 PM Nuriye Basdag Chaudhry Functional characterization of a novel transporter
Feb 24 10 3 PM Cancelled
Mar 3 Forum 3 PM Erik Sonnhammer External:Donaldson (ES) See
Mar 10 10 3 PM No seminar
Mar 17 10 3 PM Kasia Arczewska Nilsen Identification and characterisation of NDX proteins from C. elegans
Mar 24 10 3 PM Philipp Sell Leitges Generation of conditional PKD knock-out mice
Mar 31 10 3 PM External TBA
Apr 7 10 3 PM No seminar
Apr 14 Forum 3 PM Søren Brunak External: Donaldson Using the human interactome to find new disease gene networks.
Apr 21 7 3 PM No seminar
Apr 28 10 3 PM Antonio Mora Donaldson Identifying Protein Complexes related to Multigenic Diseases
May 5 10 3 PM Randi Mosenden Tasken Transgenic mice expressing RIAD in peripheral T-cells.
May 12 10 3 PM Professer S. Ivar Walaas, from Institute for Basic Medical Sciences External: Chaudhry Biochemical modulation of synaptic function
May 19 10 3 PM Knut Tomas Dalen, PhD. Chaudhry Conditional disruption of lipid droplet-binding PAT proteins
May 26 10 3 PM Christian Koehler Thiede IPTL (Isobaric peptide termini labeling) for MS/MS-based quantitative proteomics
Jun 2 10 3 PM External TBA
Jun 9 10 3 PM TBA
Jun 16 10 3 PM Cancelled
Jun 23 10 3 PM Katerina Michalickova Donaldson TBA
Jun 30 10 3 PM TBA Tasken TBA
No Bioseminar in July
No Bioseminar in August
Sept 1 10 3 PM Therese Solstad Thiede A proteomic approach identifies a marker for a highly suppressive subset of regulatory T cells
Sept 8 7 3 PM Anne-Cathrine Lehre External: Chaudhry TBA: Co-occurs with Bioinformatics PhD course (in room 10)
Sept 15 7 3 PM Nikolaus Oberprieler Tasken

High resolution mapping of Prostaglandin E2-dependent signaling networks identifies a constitutively active PKA signaling node in CD8+ memory T cells

Co-occurs with Bioinformatics PhD course (in room 10)

Sept 22 10 3 PM Øyvind Fensgård Nilsen Loss of DNA repair induces compensatory transcriptional responses modulating aging and stress phenotypes
Sept 29 10 3 PM Leitges TBA
Oct 6 7 3 PM Mona Bjørkmo Chaudhry Functional expression of two System A glutamine transporter isoforms in rat auditory brainstem neurons - A morphological and electrophysiolgical study
Oct 13 10 3 PM Vibeke Bull Thiede Quantitative proteomic profiling of sorafenib-induced apoptosis in human neuroblastoma cells
Oct 20 7 3 PM H. Werner Mewes External: Donaldson

TBA: mips. institute for bioinformatics and systems biology. Germany.

Co-occurs with PhD course (room 10)

Oct 27 7 3 PM Isabelle Cornez Tasken cAMP immunomodulating response of T cells in tumorigenesis: Co-occurs with PhD course (room 10)
Nov 3 10 3 PM - Nilsen No Bioseminar
Nov 10 10 3 PM Dave Ussery (TBC) External: Donaldson

On The Origins of a Vibrio Species: Centre for Biological Sequence Analysis. Denmark

Nov 17 FORUM 3 PM Haakon B. Benestad External: Chaudhry Scientific fraud and other irregularities - What can we do about it?
Nov 24 7 3 PM Magnus Arntzen Thiede New tools to enhance the detection of post-translational modifications:

Development and application of a mass spectrometry-based proteomic software and of specific antibodies detecting propionylated lysines

Dec 1 10 3 PM Sebastian Seidl Leitges Sequence-based localization study of atypical Protein kinase C isoforms

Iota/lambda and Zeta

Dec 8 10 3 PM Johannes Landskron Tasken The Ovarian Carcinoma Project
Dec 15 7 3 PM Nilsen TBA
Dec 22 7 3 PM Leitges No bioseminar
Dec 29 7 3 PM Donaldson No bioseminar

Archive of talks held in 2008
Date Room Time Speaker Group Title
Sept 2 10 3 PM Dr. Torkel Vang Tasken Regulation of TCR signaling by LYP
Sept 9 10 3 PM Dr Anne Jorunn Stokka Tasken Chemical Biology Screening and the BiO Chemical Biology Platform
Sept 16 10 3 PM Therese Solstad Thiede TBA
Sept 23 10 3 PM Tanima Sengupta Nilsen Responses to 5-Fluorouracil in C. elegans
Sept 30 10 3 PM No seminar
Oct 7 10 3 PM Sabry Razick Donaldson Cytoscape and the iRefIndex plugin.
Oct 14 - 3 PM No seminar External:Chaudry concurrent with MNBTS
Oct 21 7 3 PM Zainab Jallow Chaudhry Characterisation of TBP- Like Factor 2
(Concurrent with MNBTS. Note room change.)
Oct 28 10 3 PM External TBA
Nov 4 7 3 PM Nikolaus Oberprieler Tasken High temporal resolution of the PGE2-stimulated phosphoproteome in primary human T-cells
(concurrent with Ph.D. School of Molecular Medicine. Note room change.)
Friday, Nov 7 10 2 PM Edvard Moser External: Chaudhry Where am I now? Mechanisms for representation of space in the brain.
Nov 11 7 3 PM External concurrent with Ph.D. School of Molecular Medicine
Nov 18 10 3 PM Vibeke Bull Thiede TBA
Nov 25 10 3 PM External TBA
Dec 2 10 3 PM Hanne Kim Tuven Nilsen Base Excision repair of uracil in C. elegans
Friday, Dec 5 10 11 AM Elzbieta Speina External: Nilsen Biochemical studies of RECQ DNA helicases associated with human disease and aging.
Dec 9 10 10 AM No seminar
Dec 16 10 3 PM Sandra Kunz Leitges Role of classical PKCs in colon cancer
Dec 23 10 3 PM - No seminar
Dec 30 10 3 PM - No seminar