Displaying Bioscape Search Results

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NoteNotePlease note that this documentation covers an unreleased product and is for internal use only.

Although it might be acceptable for some applications to merely list the supposed presence of bioentity mentions in a given document, potentially with information about the location of such mentions, it is much more convenient to produce a display which integrates such results with the original text in which they have been found. To achieve this, the Bioscape Web application employs a number of techniques:

  1. The selection of results for a particular region of text, typically a sentence.
  2. The traversal of such results in order, assigning each result to one or more fragments of the text.
  3. The production of XML output which can then be transformed into a format readable by Web browsers.

Consider this example region of text:

"single-stranded DNA-binding protein"

Now consider the following occurrences of bioentities corresponding to regions of this text:

  • A - single-stranded DNA-binding
  • B - binding
  • C - DNA-binding protein

Upon processing these two input, the fragments should be defined as follows:

Fragments single-stranded DNA- binding protein
Occurrences A A, C A, B, C C