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The Donaldson Group at the Biotechnology Centre of Oslo

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Group leader: Ian Donaldson Ph.D

Research Interests

Our interests include computer modelling of biological processes, especially those related to cell signaling. Modelling requires access to a variety of data that needs to be collected or generated. These activities include data warehousing, data mining, prediction of protein-protein interactions and biological text-mining.

Our recent work on a consolidated protein interaction database can be found at .


iRefIndex logo.png iRefIndex
iRefIndex (interaction Reference Index) provides an index of protein interactions available in a number of primary interaction databases including BIND, BioGRID, DIP, HPRD, IntAct, MINT, MPact, MPPI and OPHID. This index allows the user to search for a protein and retrieve a non-redundant list of interactors for that protein.

iRefIndex uses the Sequence Global Unique Identifier (SEGUID) to group proteins and interactions into redundant groups. This method allows users to integrate their own data with the iRefIndex in a way that ensures proteins with the exact same sequence will be represented only once.

Magrathea logo.png Magrathea
Magrathea is prototype software demostrating the principals of coordinated agent modeling.

Group Members

  • Ian Donaldson
  • Katarina Michalickova
  • Paul Boddie
  • Sabry Razick
  • Antonio Mora
  • Hanna Nemchenko

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