MNBTS 9000 (2008)

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MNBTS 9000: A course in molecular biology (7.5 credit points)

AIM: To introduce students to advanced research on molecular biology, biotechnology, bioinformatics etc, by having some of the best researchers in Norway to talk about their field in general and then present their own data.

PLACE: Forskningsparken, room 10 (Provisional)

Please note: The displayed program is a preliminary schedule from August 26, 2008. Changes are possible.


MNBTS 9000 2008
Time Speaker Contact Details
Monday 13. Oct 2008
9.00-9.15 Ian Donaldson ian.donaldson at Introduction
9.15-11.00 Farrukh Chaudhry f.a.chaudhry at Transport proteins
11:15-13.00 Marit Otterlei marit.otterlei at Model systems for functional and dynamic analysis of BER / SSBR complexes using confocal microscopy and immunoprecipitation
14.15-16.00 TBA - -
Tuesday 14. Oct 2008
9.15-11.00 Jon Nissen Meyer jon.nissen-meyer at Antimicrobial peptides (peptide bacteriocins) produced by gram-positive bacteria: Synthesis, structure and mode of action.
11:15-13.00 Line M. Grønning-Wang at Hyperglycemia and cellular dysfunction
13.00-14:00 Everyone - Get together with pizza
14.15-16.00 Pål Falnes pal.falnes at Macromolecular methylation and its reversal

Demethylation of DNA and RNA by AlkB proteins

Wednesday 15. Oct 2008
9.15-11.00 Katarzyna Arczewska katarzyna.arczewska at C. elegans and DNA repair
11:15-13.00 Bernd Thiede bernd.thiede at Proteomics and cell death
14.15-16.00 Michael Leitges Michael.leitges at Generation of knock-out mice and Protein kinase C
Thursday 16. Oct 2008
9.15-11.00 Heidi Kiil Blomhoff h.k.blomhoff at How cells die. cAMP and modulation of chemotherapy
11:15-13.00 Tone Tønjum tone.tonjum at Genome dynamics and microbial pathogenesis
14.15-16.00 Torgeir Holen torgeir.holen at

- RNA interference - new tool ancient immune system - A tale of mutated tails and overhangs - Rooting out possible sources of experimental error in RNAi studies

Friday 17. Oct 2008
9.15-11.00 Ole Petter Ottersen o.p.ottersen at - Imaging of the brain at multiple levels: from EM to PET

- Molecular mechanisms of brain edema and brain water

11:15-13.00 Ludvig Sollid l.m.sollid at Functional immunogenetics
14.15-16.00 Anne Spurkland anne.spurkland at - What is a functional polymorphism?

- Autoimmunity, T-cell activation and angiogenesis controlled by the same adapter molecular

Monday 20. Oct 2008
9.15-11.00 TBA - -
11:15-13.00 Terje Johansen terje.johansen at Cell polarity, protein aggregations, degradation
14.15-16.00 TBA - -
Tuesday 21. Oct 2008
9.15-11.00 Reidunn Aalen reidunn.aalen at - Arabidopsis thaliana – an ideal model organism for functional genomics

- Plant epigentics

11:15-13.00 Lars Eide laeide at ROS and mitochondrial homeostasis
14.15-16.00 Mohammed Amarzguioui mohammed.amarzguioui at Introduction
Wednesday 22. Oct 2008
9.15-11.00 Fahri Saatcioglu fahri.saatcioglu at - Structure-function analysis of nuclear receptors

- Molecular mechanisms of androgen action

11:15-13.00 Kirsten Skarstad kskarsta at - Timing and coordination of overlapping replication cycles in E coli

- Two regulatory systems that are required for proper timing of chromosome replication

14.15-16.00 Torbjørn Rognes torbjorn.rognes at - Introduction to similarity searches in sequence databases

- Computer tools for unravelling AlkB and other mysterious proteins

Friday 24. Oct 2008
9.15-12.00 Student presentations
Monday 27 Oct 2008
9.15-13.15 Exam (4 hour) written)