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A new menu called "iRefScape" will be created when the plugin is activated.

Search tools

This sub menu contain search related operations.

Retrieve interactions for the selected nodes

This option will load interactions involving the selected nodes. Nodes could be selected using the mouse or using an operation such as applying a filter.

Expand one level

This will load interactions involving all the nodes in the current network.

Load interactions between neighbours

Clear load history (Reload everything next time)

Reset node degree

Load user variables

View tools

Toggle selected multi-edges

Zoom to selected

Select last iRefScape selection

Select nodes with different taxid than query node

Select between nodes

Select between nodes with originals

Show spoke-represented complexes

(Currently hidden, used for debuging) Show live details of nodes and edges


Reset Group

Set group=1 for selection

Set group=2 for selection

Create comparison table


Hide selected nodes

Hide nodes (except pseudonodes)

Hide nodes not selected

Hide nodes not selected (except pseudonodes)

Un-hide all

Grouping and adjacency matrix