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Last edited: 2021-08-20

Applies to iRefIndex release: 18.0

Release date: 11-06-2021

Authors: Tom Nissens

Database: iRefIndex (

Description: This file lists interaction and protein sequence related resources used for the current build of the iRefIndex. Statistics for the iRefIndex are available and include a breakdown of interactors and interactions from each data source.

Data source information

Source Release date Release URL Download files Version
ATHALIANA 2019-11-20 Arabidopsis_thaliana.TAIR*.uniprot.tsv.gz
BAR 2021-04-27* bar_psicquic.txt
BHF_UCL 2021-04-22*?format=tab27 bhfucl_psicquic.txt
BIND 2021-04-19 20060525*.txt
BIND_TRANSLATION 2014-05-20 BINDTranslation_v1_xml_AllSpecies.tar.gz
BIOGRID 2021-04-19
CORUM 2020-02-28
DIG 2021-04-19 morbidmap14062010.txt
DIP 2021-04-29*?maxResults=104,965 dip_psicquic.txt
FLY 2021-04-07 fly.txt 2021_02
GENE 2021-04-19 gene2refseq.gz gene_info.gz gene2go.gz gene_history.gz
GENPEPT 2021-02-17 gb*.fsa_aa.gz
HPIDB 2021-04-22*?format=tab27 hpidb_psicquic.txt
HPRD 2021-04-20 HPRD_PSIMI_041310.tar.gz
HURI 2021-04-27 HuRI.psi
IMEX 2021-04-22*?format=tab27 imex_psicquic.txt
INNATEDB 2021-04-23 innatedb_psicquic.txt
INTACT 2021-03-12
INTCOMPLEX 2021-03-12
MATRIXDB 2021-04-26*?format=tab27 matrixdb_psicquic.txt
MBINFO 2021-04-23* mbinfo_psicquic.txt
MINT 2021-04-20*?format=tab27 mint_psicquic.txt
MMDB 2014-05-29 table
MPACT 2021-04-21 mpact-complete.psi25.xml.gz
MPIDB 2021-04-23*?format=tab27 mpidb_psicquic.txt
MPPI 2021-04-19 mppi.gz
PDB 2021-04-10 pdbaa.gz
PSI_MI 2021-04-19 psi-mi.obo
QUICKGO 2021-04-23*?format=tab27 quickgo_psicquic.txt
REACTOME 2021-04-19*?format=tab27 reactome_psicquic.txt
SPIKE 2021-04-19* spike_psicquic.txt
TAXONOMY 2021-04-19 taxdump.tar.gz
UNIPROT 2021-04-07 uniprot_sprot.dat.gz uniprot_trembl.dat.gz uniprot_sprot_varsplic.fasta.gz reldate.txt 2021_02
UNIPROTPP 2021-04-23*?format=tab27 uniprotpp_psicquic.txt
VIRUSHOST 2021-04-21* virushost_psicquic.txt
YEAST 2021-04-07 yeast.txt 2021_02

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