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Learn about iRefWeb webinar (1 hour)

OGI and The Centre for Applied Genomics (TCAG) partnered to co-host a 1 hour web conference/webinar about iRefWeb - a web-based interface to a large landscape of protein-protein interactions (PPI), consolidated from major public databases.

The presentation was led by Dr. Andrei Turinsky, Molecular Structure and Function Program, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto and included:

   * an introduction to iRefWeb,
   * search function and evidence supporting interactions found,
   * how to filter the data,
   * visualizing interactions, and
   * consistency and consolidation across databases. 

iRefIndex Explained


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Overview (7 min.)

Brief overview of iRefIndex and related resources including the iRefScape plugin for Cytoscape and the iRefWeb web interface.

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Data consolidation (10 min.)

Explanation of the iRefIndex data consolidation process including use of ROGIDs and RIGIDs and tracking of provenance and mapping operations.

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Complex representation (14 min.)

Brief look at experimental methods that are used to generate interaction data and how these data are represented in the iRefIndex MITAB 2.6 file, iRefWeb and iRefScape.