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The FTP server used by iRefIndex is currently down and will not be restored
until Monday, December 5th or later.  This will affect downloads of MITAB files,
Cytoscape plugin data and iRefR package data.  Apologies for the inconvenience.
This message will be removed once the server returns.
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iRefR is an R package that provides access to iRefIndex. It allows the user to load any version of the consolidated protein interaction database "iRefIndex" and perform tasks such as: selecting databases, pmids, experimental methods, searching for specific proteins, separate binary interactions from complexes and polymers, generate complexes according to an algorithm that looks after possible binary-represented complexes, make general database statistics and create network graphs, among others.


iRefR is available from CRAN as the iRefR package and can also be downloaded from...


Documentation and tutorial material is included. First time users should refer to iRefR_tutorial.pdf in the doc directory of the source distribution.

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iRefR: an R package to manipulate the iRefIndex consolidated protein interaction database.

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