iRefScape debugging

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First time installation

After the first time installation of the plugin, if the user tries to activate it there will be an error message. The user will be instructed to restart Cytoscape. This is not an error. Reasons for this: The plugin requires the installation location of it self, before downloading the data component. PluginManager.getPluginURLs() method is used to locate the plugins installation directory. The PluginManager records the plugin URL only if the plugin exists while Cytoscape stats.

Special commands for debuging purposes

  1. >clear - Clears the message window
  2. >show_inxc - Displays a table of indices and control properties.
  3. >show_hidden_feature_1 - This brings out a new panel which allows the user to set background, node selection color etc.. This #allows to detect hidden edges and nodes due to failure in prpper Vizmapper execution.
  4. >show_allinfopanels - Displays all info frame components.
  5. >macro= - Macro
  6. >search= - activate search from command line