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The NCBI services offer a mechanism through which external providers can submit links to their own services which then appear in certain records retrieved from the NCBI services concerned. The script and templates supplied here provide a means of generating the files which describe iRefWeb as a provider (providerinfo.xml) along with the Entrez Gene records that should be decorated with links to iRefWeb pages (resources.xml).

Obtaining the Generator

The tools and resources used to generate LinkOut-related files can be obtained here:


The following programs are required to use the parser:

Running the Generator

Given a file containing a list of gene identifiers, one per line, the following command will process this file (called genes.txt, for example) with a provider identification number of 7777:

python genes.txt resources.xml providerinfo.xml 7777

More information is provided in the README.txt file supplied with the software.

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