Cytoscape layout analysis

From irefindex

Here we have given results of a analysis we did for selecting a layout algorithm for iRefsCape plug-in. The analysis was conducted only for freely accessible layouts.

Network used for the analysis; directed, 641 nodes , 1586 Edges, (search results for Raf1, type=geneSymbol, taxid=any from iRefsCape )

Initial Final algorithm Time taken
Grid jgraph-circle 14 minutes :42 seconds
Grid attribute-circle 64 milliseconds
Grid jgraph-radial-tree 14 minutes :22 seconds
Grid jgraph-gem 14 minutes :47 seconds
Grid kamada-kawai-noweight 25 seconds
Grid circular 207 milliseconds
Grid jgraph-sugiyama 14 minutes :18 seconds
Grid attributes- 46 milliseconds
Grid grid 17 milliseconds
Grid jgraph-tree 14 minutes :25 seconds
Grid force-directed 3 seconds
Grid degree-circle 517 milliseconds
Grid kamada-kawai 13 seconds
Grid fruchterman-rheingold 53 seconds
Grid jgraph-spring 14 minutes :30 seconds
Grid Jgraph-annealing Not evaluated
Grid Isom Not evaluated
Grid Jgraph-moen Not evaluated
Initial Final algorithm Time taken
jgraph-circle Grid 30 milliseconds
attribute-circle Grid 25 milliseconds
jgraph-radial-tree Grid 27 milliseconds
jgraph-gem Grid 31 milliseconds
kamada-kawai-noweight Grid 31 milliseconds
circular Grid 31 milliseconds
jgraph-sugiyama Grid 25 milliseconds
attributes- Grid 30 milliseconds
grid Grid 16 milliseconds
jgraph-tree Grid 30 milliseconds
force-directed Grid 29 milliseconds
degree-circle Grid 30 milliseconds
kamada-kawai Grid 31 milliseconds
fruchterman-rheingold Grid 29 milliseconds
jgraph-spring Grid 285 milliseconds