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MBV-INF4410 was a joint course in bioinformatics taught between the the Department of Informatics and the Institute for Molecular Biology Research at the University of Oslo. This course was taught in 2006 and 2007 by Ian Donaldson, Eivind Hovig and Torbjorn Rognes.

Students will be assigned to a multidisciplinary study group (optimally composed of members from both the life sciences and math/computer sciences). Each group will work with an assigned instructor to cover reading material and assignments that cut a path from some mathematical or computer science concept to its application in the field of biology. Student groups will prepare a written tutorial and an oral presentation for all fellow students by the end of the course.


Students have created a wiki page covering topics in the course.

See http://bioinformatics.wikidot.com/

MBV-INF 4410 will be replaced by a two week intensive course in 2009.

See http://donaldson.uio.no/wiki/Bioinformatics_course.