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A collection of resources related to retrieving and working with protein interaction data.

This table accompanies a talk on Protein Interaction Resources given for Metoder i biomedisinsk laboratoriemedisin.

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Name Location Notes and references
ID Mapping Service
UniProt See the ID Mapping Tab
Ensemble BioMart See the BioMart Link

A Cytoscape Plugin. Uses BridgeDb
Advanced Network Merge Cytoscape plugin. Uses BridgeDb
The Synergizer Synergizer
BridgeDB For programmatic access.
PICR For programmatic access.
Primary Interaction Databases
IMEx International Molecular Exchange Consortium
IMEx IMEx curation manual
BIND Biomolecular Interaction Network Database (Inactive)4
DIP Database of Interacting Proteins1 [1]
IntAct Interaction database at EBI1 [2, 3]
MINT Molecular Interaction Database2 [4]
MPACT Representation of Interaction Data at MIPS2 [5]
MatrixDB Extracellular Matrix interactions Database2
BioGRID General Repository for Interaction Datasets3 [6]
MPIDB The Microbial Protein Interaction Database3 [7]
HPRD Human Protein Reference Database [8, 9]
MPPI The MIPS Mammalian Protein-Protein Interaction Database [10]
Pathguide A listing of multiple interaction and pathway databases [11]
B. Text-mining resources
BioNLP A recent compilation of text-mining tools. [12]
iHOP Information Hyperlinked Over Proteins [13]
EBIMed PubMed abstract markup of for biological concepts. [14]
FACTA Finding Associated Concepts with Text Analysis [15]
PubGene Gene-centric retrieval of literature networks. [16]
InfoPubMed Interactions between genes in PubMed abstracts
Chillibot Relationships between genes, proteins or keywords in PubMed [17]
MedEvi Context-specific searches of PubMed abstracts. [18]
FABLE Fast Automated Biomedical Literature Extraction
PLN2L Text mining resource specific to Arabidopsis Thaliana PMID 19520768
BioText Full-text search engine for open source articles. [19]
Reflect Web-browser plugin for markup of gene, protein and small-molecule names PMID 19513049
C. Predicted Protein Interactions
OPHID/I2D Predicted Protein Interaction Database [20, 21]
InteroPorc Predicted interactions based on orthologous protein clusters. [22]
FunCoup Networks of Functional Coupling
STRING Search Tool for Retrieval of Interacting Genes/Proteins [23]
Predictome Predicted interactions using a number of methods. [24, 25]
PRISM Predicted protein interactions by structural mapping. [26]
InterPreTS Interaction Prediction through Tertiary Structure [27, 28]
3did 3D interacting domains [29]
DIMA Domain Interaction Map [30]
D. Interaction Confidence Scores and Consolidation
DASMI Distributed Annotation Server for Molecular Interactions
PRINCESS Protein Interaction Confidence Evaluation System with Multiple Sources [31]
iRefIndex Interaction reference index. [32]
E. Integrated tools for visualization and analysis
STRING Search Tool for Retrieval of Interacting Genes/Proteins [23]
STITCH Search Tool for Interactions of Chemicals with proteins [33]
DILIMOT Discovery of Linear Motifs [34]
VisAnt Integrative Visual Analysis Tool for Biological Networks and Pathways [35]
Cytoscape Application for visualizing and analyzing biological networks. [36]
PC Pathway Commons. Interaction and pathway database integration.5
MiMI Michigan Molecular Interaction Database5 [37]
BioNetBuilder Interaction data retrieval from multiple databases5. [38]
R Free software environment for statistical computing and graphics.
Bioconductor Open software for analysis of genomic data. [39]
FunCoup Networks of Functional Coupling
PPISpider Induction of protein interaction subgraphs from lists of proteins.
Torque Topology-Free Querying of Protein Interaction Networks PMID 19491310.
CPDB Consensus Path Database with overrepresentation analysis. [40]
SPIKE Signaling Pathway Integrated Knowledge Engine [41]
Complex Detection
CME Dense module enumeration on a weighted graph PMID 19213739
Commercial Resources
Other related resources
COSMIC Catalogue of somatic mutations in cancer.

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1. Archival member of IMEx

2. Topical member of IMEx

3. Observing member of IMEx

4. Inactive member of IMEx

5. Available via a Cytoscape plugin

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